What is freelancing? Freelancing or doing freelance work means being your own boss rather than having someone else hire you. As an independent contractor, the freelancer has complete control over when and where they want to sell their skills – which can be great if there are times when business isn’t so good!

A virtual assistant is similar to a freelancer, expect very few will work onsite for organisation. 

A freelancer and a virtual assistant can have multiple clients at the one time, or solely work for 1 to 2 clients. 


The benefits of being a freelancer

Some of the benefits of being a freelancer are;

1. Being your own boss, not being micro-managed by a supervisors/boss

2. Flexibility on hours you work and location you work from

3. Freedom to choose who you work with and what type of work you offer or take on

4. Control of the quantity of work you take on

5. Ability to change the scope of your services as you see the need


The challenges of being a freelancer


With every job comes the challenges and even as a freelancer there are some;

1. Promoting yourself continuously to ensure you getting hired for work, and retaining customers

2. Cost of running your business 

3. Floating of income, some months may be higher than others. You need to have the ability to manage your finances and prepare yourself for any lower income months

4. Paying and servicing your own equipment


Why I love being a freelancer

I have been working for myself for over 10 years, yes there has been challenging moments or learning experiences, but each step has made me stronger, has educated me to build my business and my reputation and has given me the flexibility/freedom to meet my growing family’s needs. 

As I grew within myself, I learnt what, who and how I like my business to run, what clients are my best clients and most importantly I learnt to trust my instincts. With these foundations, I have built my brand and reputation to have clients keep coming back, which is always a great way to be. 


What you need to do to start your own freelancing business

It can feel daunting at the start, but it doesn’t need to be. Sign up for my freebies which give you the start tools you need to know. For those wanting to dig a little deeper, sign up for my course which is filled with valuable resources and tools to help you confidently be up and running within a month.  If you are someone who wants the real personal touch, then sign up to mentor with me privately, you’ll also get access to the course with my private coaching.