Staring an online business, there are some basic fundamental tools you can use to help you get started. The great thing is these tools all have free component levels which are great for low budget start ups. 


Time Tracking

Often when starting out clients either pay for packages or your time. However if you have no idea how long tasks take you, tracking them is a great way to get started.  It provides you with the information for future job quotes and also enables clients to see where you’re spending your time on their work.

Toggl is a great online time tracking software that has a free level to it.


Legal & Insurance

When starting a business it is so important that you have your legal documentation and your insurance, so that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable. I use Legal123 for my legal documentations such as contracts, website privacy policy, terms and conditions and disclaimers. I have my insurance with BizCover, but there are plenty of suppliers around. 


Documentation signing

It’s always important that when you’re engaging a new client that you have confidentiality and terms and conditions for your services signed by both parties to ensure you are both protected.  Some great platforms you can use to electronically send contracts are DocuSign, HelloSign or PleaseSign. Adobe also have their own version.  


Graphics and Proposal Creation

Whether you are creating graphics for your social media or a proposal to a potential clients, Canva is a great tool. I use it every day in my business for so many things. It enables you to even schedule your social media content directly.   



Sharing and Storing files is important when working with clients. Dropbox is another alternative to Google Drive.  I have been using dropbox ever since I started my business. It saves using up space on my computer, enables me to access my files from any location and it enables me to share files with clients etc.  



Working with multiple clients does require task management and if you’re a person that doesn’t like the old traditional diaries, then Asana is a fantastic tool. There is a free level and you can create team, share with clients and so much more.